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Ninety years of history proofs a solid tradition. Our attention to incorporating changes, supported by a constant attitude to innovation, has allowed us to continue to improve, day by day, our work, the main purpose of which is to manufacture products of excellence. Since 1931.

Raffaele Perfetto CEO Coni Perfetto

The perfect thought

lThe prerequisite for success for any production is Quality and we believe that there is no passionate manufacturer who does not pursue this goal with constant commitment. But to think of quality simply as the result of an excellent recipe would be an understatement. For us, Quality is a global concept and is achieved by creating uncompromising working conditions: use of the best raw materials, care for packaging, safety of machinery and plant efficiency, choice of our logistical support partners and a healthy and stimulating work environment. for the enhancement of our human resources. All of these related elements have a single purpose, to improve the comfort of your work, churning out cones that will make

your ice cream good from top to bottom.

Vanillino Lab

Vanillino Lab is our research and development laboratory that constantly processes the improvement of our recipes, selecting "clean" ingredients, to guarantee our customers a good, healthy and functional product. Our cones do not contain palm oil, lactose and GMOs.


Making a cone isn't that difficult. 1 cone ... exactly! Now imagine having to produce about one million a day, of different types and in many different forms, also having to guarantee product standards and freshness. All this would not be possible if we did not have modern technologies which, under the careful monitoring of experienced and trained personnel, safely control the reliability and efficiency of manufacturing processes. Modernity and innovation, however and always in the name of tradition.

The Human Capital

Imagine the production of the ice cream cones like a Formula 1 Grand Prix. The colder months, like a pit stop, and after a short warm-up, with spring time coming, we shall have to go at the maximum speed to arrive first at the finish. To get the best result it is essential to be able to count on an expert and close-knit team. We select our staff with great attention. A stimulating and dynamic work environment, where everyone can contribute to the achievement of objectives, developing and enhancing their skills, with the awareness of the importance and responsibility of the role them entrusted and, above all, with the contribution of their human qualities.

Environment and Safety

We all have a duty to preserve the health of our planet and we too try to make our contribution. A food production always generates a quantity, albeit minimal, of products not suitable for sale for the use for which they are intended. Technically defined as "production waste", but in fact they are an important supplement for animal nutrition, both for their nutritional value and for the nature of the ingredients of which they are made. All paper and plastic-based materials not related to production are collected to be sent for recycling and transferred to collection basins of specialized companies for the treatment and recovery of these materials. Even the leaves of the plants in our garden are collected in a composter.

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