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How can I print my logo on a wafer disk?

Really simple! Send us the logo you want to print. You will receive a facsimile draft and in case of approval we will proceed with the realization. You can also make multi-subject prints, up to 5 different logos in sequence in the same box.


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Could I have information on your Gluten Free cones?

Vanillino Lab is our laboratory that studies and formulates the recipe of products for those with food intolerances. We have different formats of Gluten Free Cones, both individually packaged (dispenser) and for Professional Use.


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How can I buy your cones?

We have a widespread distribution network throughout Italy and a fast and efficient shipping service. Tell us your request, we will find the best solution to reach you.


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How can I order cones with a customized Cone Saver?

We can create customized Saveacons with the logo of your ice cream parlor. They will be supplied, even in deferred deliveries, already pre-coupled, to the cone you have chosen.


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How to store the ice cream cones after opening the package?

The ice cream cone is highly hygroscopic, so it tends to absorb moisture. To avoid the significant loss of its best qualities, after the first use, we recommend that you close the protective bag carefully and store the package in a cool and dry place.

Could I have information on your Vegan products?

We have a line of cones with the requirements for a vegan diet, specially marked by the VeganOk brand. Our cone is naturally perfect: Palm Oil and Lactose Free and GMO free.

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