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Our Catalog

Browse our catalog with over 100 items. Sugar, waffle and wafer cones and much more. You will find inside detailed illustrations and useful technical information of each item. A real professional guide for choosing ice cream cones.

14.5 MB

Happy Party Catalog

Our production for the GD & DO. A wide range of cones, fan wafers, rolls and disks, specially packaged made for retail.

4.5 MB

BiscoLogo Guide

Get your waffle round disks customized with your logo! It is really easy! Download the guide and follow steps to get the best print quality.

2.5 MB

Salvacono Guide (sleeves)

Make stronger your brand identity by adding a sleeve to the cone, with your customized logo. Download the complete guide.

3.3 MB

Products Full Tech Data

Download the complete full technical list with items dimensions, packaging and palletisation info.

0.4 MB

The New Gluten Free Cone

A new and original recipe. Download the brochure of our full range of Gluten Free Cones.

0.4 MB

R-PET pack. Not just good!

R-Pet pack is our special packaging system for our sugar and waffle cones. We take care of the goodness of our cones protecting them up to your ice cream shop.

1.4 MB

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