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Meeting at Sigep in Rimini

2022 March

At Sigep 2022 in Rimini, Raffaele Perfetto with Massimiliano Scotti, founder of Vero Latte. Best Gelato maker Chef in Europe at Gelato Festival World Masters. A volcano of ideas and creativity. Researcher of the sublime taste. Great fan for the quality of our cones.

Gluten Free but without giving up on taste.

2022 January

An exclusive recipe, based on simple and natural ingredients. Developed by Vanillino Lab, our R&D laboratory. A taste unbelievable, the same than a traditional cone. Gluten Free, for all.

XMAS Special Edition 2022

2022 December

This year's, in Christmas time, we distributed free to many ice cream shops, a XMAS Box special edition. Waffles Cones with a sleeve Xmas theme and many customized waffle disk printed with Merry Christmas. The initiative was really appreciated.

Salvacono, a new dress for our sleeves

2021 May

For this New Graphic Edition of our Salvacono we were inspired by chocolate. The whole series of new sleeves shares the color of cocoa combined with different colors that recall vanilla and pistachio creams.

R-PET pack. Not just good!

2021 February

Our Vanillino Cones are packaged in a special and exclusive recyclable R-PET tray, that protects them up to their destination! So your cones arrive always intact till your ice cream shop, even after have a long journey and while handlling them during use.

Multi-subject prints

2021 January

On our waffle disk Biscotondo, it is possible to print up to 8 different phrases and assort them in sequence, in the same box. Create your own series to entertain your customers. An exclusive of Coni Perfetto.

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