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The Biscotondo wafer disc, in addition to being a tasty wafer decoration to put on top of the ice cream, is also an effective way to promote your ice cream parlor. We can make this product with your logo printed quickly and easily. 

To get the best realization we ask you to kindly follow the following instructions:


• Bear in mind that the prints are always monochromatic (cocoa-colored food inks) and that your logo will be printed within a circumference. A drawing with too many elements would take up space from the main image you want to highlight.


• For the realization of your prints, always provide us with High Resolution (300 DPI) graphic files, vector type (PDF-AI) or PNG-JPG. The best print yield is obtained from line drawings, with solid (not shaded) backgrounds.


• After the graphic adaptation of your logo, we will send you a sample draft. To proceed with printing the disk with your logo, we will always need your express approval, at the bottom of our draft.

• The production of a print batch always requires an initial technical start-up which extends the normal production times. It is possible to print diskettes starting from a minimum batch of 16 boxes (16,000pcs). Obviously, lots for larger quantities will always benefit from a more advantageous price.


EXCLUSIVE Multi Subject


An exclusive novelty of the Biscotondo Coni Perfetto is that of being able to print, in the same production batch, up to 5 (five!) Different assorted subjects, all packaged in the same box.

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How to get the best print quality

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